Portraits Series

Flamberger Scouts

The Flamberg Scout Group still exists and remains a place of commitment. The Flambergers use Google Earth for planning and place importance on their uniforms. They uphold their virtues, and despite the military undertones not pleasing everyone, they steadfastly cling to their terminology and rituals year after year. Many former Zurich scouts are still proud today and worry about the continued existence of their Flamberg. In an increasingly fragmented, social media-driven era, it becomes ever more challenging to attract new recruits for a shared forest life. After one exercise is before the next.

Dal Barbiere

Men's grooming in the style of the house, at the Italian Antonio Seccli in Zurich


Seminude, maintaining privacy with my towel at the Landiwiese during summer temperature.


My first portraits with studio equipment on location 1994

Dazi Grischun

Just before the Schengen Agreement and the associated opening, I visited nine border guards with their respective border posts in the Engadin.

Privacy Preference Center