Portraits Series

Flamberger Scouts

It still exists, the Pfadi Flamberg, and has remained a place of commitment. The Flambergers plan with Google Earth and attach great importance to their uniform. They uphold their virtues and - despite the military flavour that not everyone likes - stick to their terminology and rituals year in, year out. Many Zurich Old Scouts are still proud today and worry about the continued existence of their Flamberg. In an increasingly fragmented age characterised by social media, it is becoming more and more difficult to recruit young people for a common forest life.

Dal Barbiere

Snapshot of the finest men's grooming, house style, at the southern Italian Antonio Seccli in Zurich.

Half naked

Privacy on with my bath towel with summer temperatures at the Landiwiese on Lake Zurich.


My first portraits with studio equipment on location 1994

Dazi Grischun

Even shortly before the Schengen Agreement and the associated opening of the borders, the border guards met with their respective border posts in the Engadine.

Privacy Preference Center