Thomas Schuppisser, born 11. August 1967 in Zurich, Switzerland

After his first passionate occupation as an haute cuisine chef in the Hotel Eden au Lac, in the Hotel Storchen and in the Baur au Lac in Zurich, he gets spellbound by photography. First of all he helped to build up a business (Professional Photographic Systems). As a photographic assistant he gets familiar with the two different areas of photography. Finally the medium was his Favoured and personally used method of expression, which he constantly further developed. Thomas Schuppisser has worked as a portrait, landscape and reporting photographer since 1995. His clients are national and internationally operating businesses, media and institutions from all economic and  business areas. Personal and professional tasks and projects mean that Thomas Schuppisser has travelled to a few countries up til now. He lives with his family in Zurich. “The moment of exposure fascinates me. In a unique instant worlds collide, which at the same time find themselves in constant flux. I photograph following my intuition. The picture that comes out of it shows a past that will be newly perceived with every view. The nature with its unimaginable slowness and speed is a tremendous formative power. I stand within it as a small consciousness photographing, so the room gets mine and I am totally wrapped up in it.When taking portraits I am interested in the person with theirfeelings in the increasingly self created environment. As the person in the portrait we never really think to have been portrayed in the right way, to have been arrived in real live. That’s what drives us  all.”