Thomas Schuppisser, born 11. August 1967 in Zurich, Switzerland

After his initial passionate career as a haute cuisine chef at Hotel Eden au Lac, Hotel Storchen, and Baur au Lac in Zurich, photography captivated him. He first became involved in building a company (Professional Photographic Systems). As a photo assistant, he delved into various fields of photography. Eventually, the medium became his preferred and personally utilized form of expression, which he continuously developed. Since 1995, Thomas Schuppisser has worked as a portrait, landscape, and documentary photographer. His clients include nationally and internationally operating companies, media, and institutions from all economic and social sectors. Personal and professional tasks and projects lead Thomas Schuppisser to travel (so far in several countries). He lives with his family in Zurich.

"I am fascinated by the moment of capture. In a unique instant, worlds collide, constantly changing simultaneously. I photograph following intuition. The resulting image represents a past yet is perceived anew with each viewing. Nature, with its unimaginable slowness and speed, exerts tremendous shaping power. As a small consciousness standing within it, photographing, the space becomes my own, and I merge with it. When portraying individuals, I am interested in the person and their state within the increasingly self-created environment. As subjects, we never feel entirely accurately depicted, never fully arrived in life. This propels us all forward."